Venezuela TESOL (VenTESOL) and the Central American and Caribbean BASIN TESOL Affiliates cordially invite you to the “Overcoming the Forgetting Curve” Youtube live session.

Ven Tesol June 15


Ebbinghaus’ theory of the Forgetting Curve explains how humans tend to forget what they learn very soon, even in days or weeks, if not reviewed and put into practice frequently. Repetition has always been considered a key factor in language learning. The question is, what kinds of tasks promote meaningful repetition that helps beat the Forgetting Curve. Repeating may be thought of as a mechanical mindless task. What we are proposing in this session is the incorporation of mindful repetition, noticing patterns and chunks within practical contexts, and adding an element of reflection and improvement. In this webinar participants will be presented with information about these concepts and will discuss techniques that promote repetition in varied and engaging ways. At the end of the webinar, participants will leave with a clear understanding of the concepts and with new ideas of teaching techniques that they can put into practice right away.

Presenter Bio:

Leticia Vela holds a B.S. in Administration with a Finance Specialty, a Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English from Cambridge University, TKT Certificates for Modules 1, 2 & 3 from Cambridge ESOL, a Master’s in Education from Buffalo State University and a Certificate in Management by Neways. She has been teaching English as a foreign language for more than 20 years. She was an Instructor and Thesis Advisor for the Master’s in Bilingual Education at Universidad Pedagogica Nacional Unit 282. She was the head of the Languages Division and Coordinator/Instructor for the B.A. in Applied Linguistics at The American School of Tampico where she worked for 15 years.

She is a teacher trainer and has collaborated with various bilingual schools in the cities of Tampico, Madero and Altamira. While working as an Academic Coordinator at The American School Language Institute, Leticia received the TESOL Award for International Participation at the 2008 Convention in New York. Additionally, when coordinating the Self-Access Center at the ATSLI, the center received the 2009 TOEFL Library and Resource Center Award.

Leticia has been a speaker for TESOL, MEXTESOL, GESS and BBELT. She volunteered in MEXTESOL as Treasurer for the Tampico Chapter in the period 2009-2011 and as Vice-President in the period 2011-2012, then as Treasurer for the National Governing Board in the period 2013-2015, and as Convention Chair for Monterrey 2016 and Leon 2017.

Presently, she is a Consultant for Oxford University Press, a Speaking Examiner for Cambridge Assessment English, and the Director of uSpeak Training Center.

Date: June 15th (Saturday)

Time: 10:00 Mexico time

16:00 GMT

11:00 Venezuela time

If you need extra help checking your local time, we invite you to visit so you can compare your time with any of the ones offered on the schedule.

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Youtube link:OvForgettingCurve

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