TESOL 2020

Best of Affiliates

These sessions are held in the Colorado Convention Center, Room 610.

Intermountain TESOL 
GAMING: Getting Adults More Interested in New Games
Presenters: Laura Thomas, Andrew Krogman
1 April, 3 pm–3:45 pm

Using Critical Literacy in Resistance Readings and Counternarratives
Presenter: MaryLynn Patton
1 April, 4 pm–4:45 pm

Argentina TESOL
Flipped Learning Activities With Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops
Presenter: Alfredo Villalba
2 April, 2 pm–2:45 pm

Mid-America TESOL
Cross-Campus Bridges and Reflections on a Multilingual Composition Pilot
Presenters: Katherine Daily-O’Meara, Jon Phelps-Leach, Cara Codney
2 April, 3 pm–3:45 pm

Yakut TESOL and NATE Russia
Using Quizizz in Google Classroom
Presenters: Zarmena Emelyanova, Svetlana Sannikova, Natalia Alexeeva
3 April, 10 am–10:45 am

Minnesota TESOL
The Interactive Classroom
Presenters: Aanya DiBrito, Elizabeth Done
3 April, 11 am–11:45 am, Colorado Convention Center, Room 206


TESOL Best of Affiliates 2020

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