Call for Papers

It is the time to make your voice heard around the world!!!! The Affiliate Network Professional Council publishes the TESOL Affiliate News twice a year. Our last publications in the TESOL Affiliate Newsletter have been a great success with contributions from affiliates from around the US and around the world. We would like to make our next issue even better by sharing information submitted by even more affiliate groups. We, as well as our other affiliate counterparts, would like to learn what other groups are doing globally. Therefore, consider submitting an article for our next publication. We would love to hear from you.

We make the submission and editing process as painless as possible. Furthermore, we want to assure you that you do not need to write a book or research article. We simply want to hear about what’s happing in your world. Pieces can range from 300-1700 words, have pictures, and are written in a conversational tone. Your voice is essential, the work you do matters, and we want the opportunity to showcase the work of your Board and members! Let us hear from you!


Send to: Alex Monceaux

Due Date: Feb 20th, 2020


Some topics we are looking for are the following:

Featured Articles: We invite affiliates to discuss critical leadership issues such as leadership, fiscal responsibility, and membership relations. Some topics could be –


  • cultivating leaders
  • continuity of leadership
  • fidelity in leadership
  • ensuring equity and diversity in leadership opportunities
  • dealing with conflicts of interest


  • fiscal responsibility
  • developing budgets

Member Relations:

  • leadership responsibility to members
  • transparency and openness between leadership and membership
  • Reporting to members
  • Building Affiliates:
    • growing membership,
    • connecting to important stakeholders internally and externally


Sharing an Anniversary: Is your affiliate group celebrating an important anniversary in 2019? Perhaps you can share some of your organization’s history: when it was started and by whom, what significant events your group organized, what changes have you helped make in the field?

Shared Stories of Success and Learning: Has your affiliate experienced success or learned something from one or several of your initiatives? Sharing your story empowers other affiliates to pick up those initiatives with greater Additionally, your experience can help establish you as a powerful resource for other affiliates engaged in similar challenges or looking for innovative ways of doing things to revive or strengthen the organization.

Hot Topics: Has a particular topic impacted your affiliate in the field, and has it taken action to resolve it? Then feel free to share with others who may have similar issues and want to know what steps you made for a resolution.

New Initiatives Report: Is your affiliate launching a new initiative? Share this experience with the global network. Your ideas may empower other affiliates, and your experience may open doors for collaboration with other affiliates who have undertaken similar initiatives or who may be looking to try something new.

Association Leadership or Association Membership Resources: Has your affiliate found helpful resources to develop its leadership, engage its members, impact its community? Have you found resources that your members love and consistently interact with? Share these resources to help create an active and engaged global discipline.


Your submission does not have to be a technical report or research study, but rather a simple testimony of your affiliate’s activities to help us as a global community connect, share, and engage more deeply.

All submissions should follow the TESOL style guide (see the attached PDF). We edit and publish submissions globally.

Deadline for receiving submissions: 20 February 2020

The ANCP appreciates those affiliates who send in articles. Each of us must recognize the importance of our voice, our work, and the opportunities we are given to use them to enhance our field. Thank you for your contributions to our field and our leadership capacity.

It is important to note that we are only able to grow to the extent that we reflect on, share, discuss, and revisit our practices. And while we may do this frequently in the context of our classes, this is also a critical process in our leadership. The ANPC newsletter is the one place were leaders can freely do this in a global context.

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