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Steps in submitting proposals

Submission Steps for demonstrations, workshops, research papers, turbo talk sessions, and round table discussions

Step 1– Title

Choose a title that will be clear to the intended audience, and limit it to a maximum of nine words. Capitalize only the first word, proper nouns, and acronyms. Do not put the title between quotation marks. Example: Music and movement for kindergarten and the primary grades.

 Step 2–Abstract

One requirement of the proposal form is to provide an abstract that will be included in the Convention Book, alphabetized under the first presenter’s last name, if the proposal is accepted. The abstract helps convention participants decide which presentations will be most appropriate to their concerns and needs. The abstract should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It should not exceed 100 words. Information provided after word 100 will be deleted.
  • It should be written in the third person, future tense (“The presenter will begin by… She will then…”).
  • It should avoid all references to published works.
  • It should be carefully edited and proofread.
  • It should be written to draw the most appropriate audience to the presentation.
  • It should adhere to the specific guidelines.

Step 3– Biographical Statement

 It should not exceed a maximum of 50 words per presenter. Information provided after word # 50 will be deleted. Give your first name, family name, institutional affiliation, and relevant activities or publications. Degrees are normally listed, and titles such as professor are not capitalized. You can generally omit “currently”.

Step 4–Summary

One-page summary of the presentation content, equivalent to a one-page summary, line spacing 1.5 lines, font Arial 11. Make sure that the best format (e.g., research paper, demonstration, etc.) has been selected and that the material outlined can be covered in the allotted time.

Step 5 – Photo

Include a photo of each presenter to be published in the Convention Book.

Summary content description for each type of presentation/proposals

a) Demonstration: central purpose and description of what will be demonstrated.

c) Workshop: statement of goal, synopsis of the theoretical framework, precise description of tasks to be performed.

d) ResearchPapers: synopsis, including central and supporting ideas. Methodology used. Results and conclusions.

e) Round table: central purpose and description of what will be discussed.

f) Turbo talk: statement of goal, description of tasks.

Summary Writing Guidelines

a) One-page summary of the presentation content, equivalent to one A4 page summary, 1,5-line spacing, font Arial 11.

b)The presentation’s purpose and point of view are clearly stated.

c) Familiarity with current practices and/or research is evident.

d) The contents have been carefully edited and proofread.

e) Do not state presenters’ names on the summary form.

f) Avoid specifying the institution where the project or activity was developed. Instead, indicate the educational level (primary school, secondary level, higher education).

Submit your proposal here.

Deadline for submissions: May 31.

You’ll be contacted by ARTESOL Evaluation Committee by Saturday, June 15. However, if you have not received a reply by then, feel free to contact us at argentinatesol@gmail.com. Please, check the spam folder.

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