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The Generational Turn: pivotal changes for enhanced ELLs’ outcomes

More than ever, ELT practitioners need to be aware of the generational differences that may separate the way they want to teach from the way their students want to learn. And the panorama further complicates when educators need to engage parents as partners. This lively session will introduce the main collective traits of Generation Alpha and Generation Z to unveil shared perceptions that affect classroom atmosphere, parent-teacher collaboration and students’ results. Presenter will demonstrate sustainable practices for the EL class and participants will experience some of the strategies themselves (AI included), to assess the value of generational differentiation first-hand.

Silvia Breiburd is a teacher and researcher with experience in primary and secondary teaching and managerial positions. A prolific writer, international lecturer and teacher trainer at INSPT Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and ISFDyT Pedro Poveda; Silvia advocates generational-friendly sustainable leadership, teacher empowerment through action research and the adjustment of ELT to new educational paradigms.

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