Teaching for 21st Century Learning: Make it Happen!

Silvia Breiburd and Debora Nacamuli Klebs

ELT professionals are challenged to expand their teaching beyond traditional language skills to prepare students for learning, work and society. This presentation will analyze relevant students’ generational traits and introduce dispositions needed for 21st Century success. Strategies to include them effectively in daily language classroom practice will be discussed.


Silvia Breiburd, teacher, researcher and international lecturer, has wide experience in primary and secondary teaching and managerial positions. She advocates for generational-friendly, 21st century education.

Débora Nacamuli Klebs is a passionate teacher, teacher trainer and international lecturer.  She lectures on Methodology at Lenguas Vivas and JV Gonzalez TTCs.



Silvia Breiburd


Debora Nacamuli Klebs













Do as I say, not as I do? The vocabulary teaching beliefs of EFL teachers and their practices

Dr. Mario López Barrios

Beliefs, assumptions and knowledge (BAK) systems influence EFL teachers’ actions. This presentation focuses on some teachers’ vocabulary teaching beliefs and practices based on data collected by a survey and class observations. The results will be presented by building links among the teachers’ BAK systems and the actions observed in class.


Dr. Mario López Barrios is Professor of Foreign Language Methodology (EFL and German) at the School of Languages, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.

IMG_20180420_134528 (2)

Dr. Mario López Barrios



















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