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  • An Overview of the PTE suite – Pearson Education

In the teaching-learning process, it is utterly important for decision makers, teachers and students to be able to have a clear picture of where they are at. ELT is not different; thus there is an ever-growing need for assessment. Beyond this clear picture, assessment is a pedagogical tool that favors data driven decision making to benefit individuals, educators and institutions all the same.  Pearson, a leading company in educational solutions, is aware of these needs and their importance, and offers a suite of certifications. We present Pearson Test of English,in two versions: General and Young learners, a set of international certifications administered by Pearson in partnership with the prestigious exam board EDEXCEL and regulated by OFQUAL and CEA, the most important certification boards in the United Kingdom. Our exams are rigorous, accurate, and they hold recognition worldwide for their standards of quality. We hope you will consider us when choosing English language certifications.

Presenter: Paula Domanski


  • Games Galore! A Treasury of Useful Ideas for Teachers.

The book Games Galore! A Treasury of Useful Ideas for Teachers has been created to make your job a little easier, banishing boredom from your classes. The book facilitates the frequent use of games in class. Come and learn simple ways to spice up your lessons with lots of games!

Presenter: Nylia Monté


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