• Nolwenn GAUTIER

33. Language Mentoring Project: make them learn! – Poster Rooms

(poster #123)

Mentoring seems to be an effective strategy to meet each student’s needs in a mixed-ability group with few hours of class per week. The presenter will share the experience and demonstrate the benefits of a language mentoring project implemented with mixed-ability groups of 17-year-old students in a secondary school.

  • Ileana BONETTO, Silvia DELLA VEDOVA, María Laura GODOY, Anabella IOTTI, & Marcela PUEBLA,

34. Blended-learning in Teaching Reading Comprehension in English – Poster Rooms

(poster #130)

This is a qualitative study which will describe the implementation of blended- learning in the context of a recently-created university as an attempt to answer the following question: “Is the hybrid method of teaching effective for this specific community of students?”

  • Estela Raquel RAMOS, María Julia FORTE, Ana Laura BACCI, & Mariana PAGELLA

35. Facilitating school to university transition: an articulation project – Poster Rooms

(poster #136)

The Articulation Project for the English class between the School of Engineering (UNLPam) and EPET3 (Informatics Orientation) was designed to address the need for better articulation between secondary and university education. The purpose of this project is to improve students’ linguistic abilities and connect them to the university academic programs.

  • Estela Raquel RAMOS, Mariana PAGELLA María Julia FORTE, & Ana Laura BACCI

36. A virtualization program at Facultad de Ingeniería UNLPam – Poster Rooms

(poster #137)

Technologies in the 21st century have made an impact on the way knowledge is accessible to students, making educational processes available beyond the classroom. In an attempt to create ubiquitous learning environments, a virtualization project is being implemented to reinforce the English courses at the university.

  • Dinorah SAPP

37. Posters to Engage and Empower Students in Grammar Class – Poster Rooms

(poster #119)

Intensive English Program (IEP) students taking grammar classes are often overwhelmed by the amount of rules needed to test their knowledge.  This poster session presents an alternative form of assessment for grammar classes for any level or skill.  The presenter will show a lesson plan, rubrics, and pictures of posters.

  • Viviana A. INNOCENTINI

38. Uncovering interaction in research articles’ abstracts – Poster Rooms      

(poster #145)

Research articles’ abstracts have become a genre of increasing interest; most studies have identified and described its characteristic elements as a genre awareness resource for helping writers improve their writing. Interaction represents an emerging area of interest, which the presenter will explore through the framework of metadiscourse.

  • Viviana A. INNOCENTINI & Ana Barbara FORTE

39. Networking in ELT: understanding teachers’ needs, goals and expectations – Poster Rooms

(poster #146)

Despite the availability of updating courses for EFL professionals, they might fail to address the teachers’ concerns. A possible explanation may be an increasing gap between course designers and classroom practitioners. Preliminary insights regarding pre-service and in-service teachers’ identified gaps and needs in terms of professional training will be shared.



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