• FLORES, Mónica

Boosting vocabulary learning through technology


This workshop aims to provide English instructors of all levels with engaging technological tools to support students’ vocabulary learning process. First, the rationale behind the goals and benefits of using technology to teach vocabulary will be presented and participants will explore the use of technological tools individually, in pairs or in groups. To conclude, the presenter will then pose some reflective questions to the audience.


  • BREIBURD, Silvia

Assess Gen Zers for success. And save the stress


ELT professionals face unprecedented challenges to reach 21 century students. This presentation will reveal how addressing distinct attributes of the digital generations and using effective assessment strategies, may create better classroom climate, facilitate teaching and enhance Gen Z learning. Along the workshop, the presenter will relate generational traits to evidence-based successful assessment practices while providing participants with dialogic spaces to adjust findings to their contexts. Attendees’ tangible takeaway will also include: ideas to enhance visual input, tools to develop students’ metacognition and useful tips to progress from ‘what works’ to ‘what works best’ to improve students’ results.


  • GÓMEZ, María Laura;  GARCÍA, Aurelia

Particularity in Action


During this workshop, attendants will work collaboratively on developing a didactic sequence considering the specific needs of a particular group of students. The assessment of needs will indicate what learners have to learn, what they like to learn, and what they have not yet learned, corresponding to learner needs, wants, and lacks. Attendants will be challenged to explore the application of a TBL framework where students become involved in some instruction decisions. In the last stage of this workshop, the presenters will foster a round up reflection, where the attendants will discuss considerations on applying the developed sequence.

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