• PLOUGH, India

Creating communicative activities to build grammar


Consensus-reaching tasks are ideal for promoting authentic, purposeful interaction between students. In this workshop, we will review the communicative functions, grammatical structures, and vocabulary that can be built into these task types for students at different proficiency levels. We will also discuss possible rubrics to assess student performance, depending on the pedagogical focus. Teachers will create several tasks and leave the workshop with a template for creating additional consensus-reaching tasks.

  • MONTÉ, Nylia

Games Galore to Spice up your Classes!


Having fun in class is a serious thing! Come to this workshop and learn simple ways to spice up your lessons with lots of games. Learn the benefits of using them in class and take home a new collection of games to use with students of different ages and levels.


  • VAZQUEZ, Esther

How to boost deep learning through brain-compatible teaching


The brain is the organ of learning. No one doubts it. Yet, it has just been over the last years that some key information about “brain- compatible teaching” has shed light on how to promote better teaching-learning experiences. In this workshop the presenter and attendees will share some of these latest findings and move on to classify familiar classroom practices as brain-compatible or brain-antagonistic in accordance with existing data. Last, they will join in a discussion on how to introduce methodologies that help to create resonant learning environments that facilitate and promote lifelong learning.


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