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Texts, culture, reading, understanding: exploring inclusive practices in ELT

This workshop is based on a lesson intended to promote students´ interpretations and intercultural awareness in the class. The presenter will introduce texts in different genres, and activities that accompany those texts. The purpose of the session is to demonstrate that inclusive practices in ELT can be carried out through various types of literacy, supporting critical thinking skills and promoting students’ cultural understanding. Texts chosen will allow making connections between differences and similarities of events and peoples in this global world. Attendees will be prompted to carry out the activities and to relate the theoretical framework to their daily practice.

Rita Aldorino, Education MA, EFL instructor at high school and college, ESL and Spanish instructor in USA. Twice Fulbright recipient, US Embassy Alumna, she has lectured on ELT in Argentina, Chile, Peru, USA, and was member of ArTESOL Board of Directors in 2019-2021. Her main interests are foreign languages and cultures

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