Rita Aldorino

Rita Aldorino is a former Fulbright Exchange teacher, and worked as an ESOL Instructor in the School District of Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A. during 2004- 2005. She taught courses on Special Didactics and Research in Education at university level, and Teaching Practicum at college in Argentina, as well as Spanish as a FL at university in the USA. At present, Ms Aldorino holds a tenured teaching position in Phonetics and English Language, and in EFL at high school level for all courses. Ms Aldorino regularly delivers lectures on ELT, classroom management strategies and the integration of Phonetics in the mainstream at seminars in Argentina, and at international conferences in Chile, Peru and USA. Her areas of interest are teacher training, ELT strategies, pronunciation, and foreign languages.

Exploring our Roads in ELT: On the Path to Successful Classroom Management

What is language really for? Language is for giving people a voice.

How does the application of diverse teaching approaches foster language development in the EFL class? The enhancement of language skills can be done at anytime, by any means, using any media, fostering any ability and in any direction. This session is intended to introduce and review a series of principles that can aid instructors to channel the use of varied strategies in the FL class, inviting the audience to reflect upon different views on teaching and learning.


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