1. Hello, my name is Florencia Reyes González. I am a student of ELT at a profesorado in Chubut and I am interested in attending the conference. I have registered myself last week but I have not received any confirmation. It is possible that I have made a mistake. So, I wonder if it is possible to get some information about my registration and also about what type of fee I have to pay and how to pay it. Thank you very much for your help attention.

  2. Dear Florencia,

    Thanks for your message.

    We have received your pre-registration. You should have received an automated confirmation message.
    Please, enter the following link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vBhfJ4C_5j2LDy2L7ZC3R3Wee-hfraFAWrjL3p-2LeM/viewform
    You will find instructions on how to submit your payment on top of the form.

    As regards the fee, you should register as a student.

    Please, feel free to contact us again.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the conference.

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