from left to right: Noris Zerda, Linda Talluto, US Embassy; Nicolás Garófalo, Dirección General de Educación Superior; Tamara; Tylie; Mabel Gallo, ARTESOL; Fabiana Lassalle , UMSA; Ana Rocca and Grace Martin , ARTESOL; Paula López Cano; IES en Lenguas Vivas JR Fernández; Vivian Morghen, ICANA, Laura Moraña , Fulbright Commission; Analía Kandel, Dirección Operativa Lenguas Extranjeras; and Alejandro Parini, Universidad de Belgrano.


The ELT Community welcomed the 2016 English Language Fellows Tylie Cramer and Tamara Al-Kasey at ICANA yesterday afternoon. The English Language Fellow Program is sponsored by the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Argentina. Tyle will be posted at IICANA (the binational center in Córdoba), and Tamara at AMICANA (the BNC in Mendoza).

We look forward to seeing you at ARTESOL 2016 in Corrientes!

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