Maria Fernanda Rodriguez


María Fernanda Rodriguez (B.A. in English) holds a Specialization in TEFL and a Master in Applied Linguistics. She is a professor at the English Teaching Training College N° 5 “J.E. Tello” and a Professor and Researcher at Universidad Nacional de Jujuy. She was awarded the ‘Teacher Ambassador’ scholarship by the American Embassy. She is AJPI president.




Teaching Future Professionals to Meet their Needs

This presentation deals with the speaker’s personal experience of how she found her “true north” in the Province of Jujuy. Finding her “true north” allowed her to stay on course in personal, academic and professional aspects.
Teaching English for Specific Purposes at University in different academic fields of study represents a challenge for English Language Professors because they are not specialists in every discipline. The speaker will share key concepts and insights related to the methodology in current use for teaching English to meet the needs of future professionals in Jujuy.




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