Susana GonzalezI would like to apply to be a vocal titular. In this position, I will continue encouraging teachers to publish their research work and teaching proposals. I have been working in the development of two journals that are published on- line by the association since 2011. Although at the beginning it was hard work because we did not have many contributions, we are now receiving papers from different countries and I think that sharing different experiences is very enriching for everybody. This is really an area of interest for me and I am planning to index the two journals because most specialized journals are indexed now.


I am a teacher of English and Spanish, BA in Letters and M.A. from UBA in Discourse Analysis. I taught English and Spanish in public High Schools, I directed a public High School and was a Supervisor in the South of the City of Buenos Aires. I taught English literature in a Teaching Training Institute in the Province of Buenos Aires and I have been the General Coordinator of the English Chair in the School of Philosophy and Letters in the UBA since 2001.

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