Graciela Yudgar Tófalo

Graciela Yudgar Tófalo


Graciela Yugdar Tófalo, M.A. works at Autonomous University of Entre Ríos, where she lectures on English Language I and IV and is the English coordinator at UTN, Paraná. She is currently working on the development of academic skills, especially in relation to the use of Learning and Knowledge Technologies.

A principled-based approach towards student empowerment

Although there are socio-educational issues common to us all, every Argentinian teaching context presents its own characteristics making each one of them a unique universe of different challenges. Adhering to a single teaching approach, method, book or activity gives us peace of mind- because a class has been delivered- but it does not lead to student success and we can tell. How? We are not satisfied with our own performance as teachers because we do not see any meaningful learning taking place. This presentation discusses a proposal based on principles that aim at bringing authentic learning to today’s classrooms.

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