Making thinking visible in the Literature classroom


The presenter will begin by introducing the theory of Visible Thinking as a valuable tool to promote motivation in the Literature classroom and achieve higher -order thinking. In today´s diverse classrooms it has become fundamental to build a culture of independent thinkers who nourish from the thinking process itself as well as the thinking of others.
She will then share a concrete set of strategies to incorporate thinking routines into everyday literature lessons as a creative, original way to approach Literature and to value independent thinking as an aim in itself.


  • CAICEDO, Vladimir

Unleash your Power…Point. Teaching resources to foster motivation


Grammar teaching has always been a matter of concern in the EFL classroom due to its prescriptive nature. Several teachers only rely on ELT textbooks to teach grammar, posing limitations on students’ engagement and motivation since most textbooks’ contents and themes lack of relatedness to students’ daily life context and their approach to practice is monotonous. This presentation will walk participants through the basic principles of theme-based learning and gamification to design teaching and learning resources on PowerPoint based on students’ interests to foster intrinsic motivation in the ELT classroom.

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