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Maran Suites & Towers

Alameda de la Federación y Mitre

Colegio Plaza Mayor

Alameda de la Federación 575

Paraná, Entre Ríos

May 12-13, 2017

Democratizing ELT: challenges and perspectives

As is often the case in the hyperliterate world we live in, many might believe that the idea of democratizing ELT is an out-of-date proposition. However, using English in some manner is no longer a luxury and for this reason the English language should be part of any basic curriculum for it has become a truly global lingua franca and appropriate knowledge of English is as essential a tool as basic literacy and numeracy (Hall, 2015; Hall, Arrol, & Diaz, 2013). ELT is today just as important as reading, math, and history, and it should be democratized so that students all around the world can have access to a vast array of views and perspectives on what our interconnected globalized world offers and needs. Democratizing its didactic and pedagogic spectrum is a complex enterprise that should be discussed further. This is the very intent of the 2017 ARTESOL Conference.

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Convention Chair: Mr. Ricardo Ramírez

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