Mercedes Kamijo presented ¨Teaching With Mobile Devices: Some Practical Ideas and Considerations¨ at TESOL 2017, as a Best of Affiliate Session on March 22.

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The Best of Affiliate sessions are chosen from submissions from TESOL affiliates. Affiliates are encouraged to submit sessions that showcase their members and the topics they are discussing.


TESOL ARABIA◗ Mindfulness Strategies for the ELT Classroom PRESENTER: Christine Coombe 22 March, 9:30 am–10:15 am;

BC TEAL ◗ Breadth of Vocabulary Thresholds Supporting Postsecondary Reading and Writing PRESENTER: Scott Douglas 22 March, 10:30 am–11:15 am;

MITESOL ◗ Awareness, Recognition, and Production of Speech Acts PRESENTER: Sara Okello 22 March, 3 pm–3:45 pm;

ARTESOL ◗ Teaching With Mobile Devices: Some Practical Ideas and Considerations PRESENTER: Maria Mercedes Kamijo 22 March, 4 pm–4:45 pm;

BELTA ◗ Reconsidering Conceptual Paradigms in English Studies PRESENTER: Arifa Rahman 23 March, 2 pm–2:45 pm;

OREGON TESOL ◗ Examining Cultural Assumptions Through Dialogue, A Human Library Inspired Project PRESENTER: Becki Quick 23 March, 3 pm–3:45 pm;

MATSOL ◗ Bilingualism Is a Gift (BiG) ESL/SPED Collaborative Campaign PRESENTER: Lauren Harrison 24 March, 10:30 am–11:15 am;

INTERMOUNTAIN TESOL ◗ Motivating and Teaching Students to “Own” Their Writing PRESENTER: Mornie Merril 24 March, 11:30 am–12:15 pm

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Thanks, Ana María Rocca, TESOL Affiliates’ Leadership Council Chair, for representing ArTESOL at TESOL Convention in Seattle!


The ALC Leadership Workshop where leaders discussed volunteer engagement and management strategies.


TESOL Affiliate Colloquium “Equal Partners -Equal Opportunities” – presenters shared great experiences and lessons! Grazzia Maria Mendoza (HELTA Honduras TESOL) and Ulrich Schrader (MEXTESOL); Christine Coombe and Naziha Ali (TESOL Arabia); Susan Spezzini (The Alabama-Mississippi TESOL Affiliate (AMTESOL)


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Ana María Rocca and Mercedes Kamijo at TESOL Affiliates’ booth 2017