• Presidente:  Graciela Martin
  • Vicepresidente Primero:  Ana Maria Rocca
  • Vicepresidente Segundo : Susana Tuero
  • Secretaria:  Analía Mariniello
  • Tesorera: Graciela Encina
  • Vocal Titular: Ricardo Ramírez
  • Vocal Titular: Liliana Santaella
  • Vocal Titular: María Susana González
  • Vocal Titular: Viviana Morghen
  • Vocal Titular: Alejandra Cappa
  • Vocal Suplente: Elena Díez
  • Vocal Suplente: María Claudia Albini
  • Organo Fiscal Titular:  Elida Rolli
  • Organo Fiscal Titular: Antonella Percara
  • Organo Fiscal Suplente: Evanvelina Sánchez

Miembro Consejero de la Comisión Directiva  de Argentina TESOL: Mabel Gallo

  • Presidente  Graciela Martin
  • Vicepresidente Primero  Ana Maria Rocca
  • Vicepresidente Segundo  Susana Tuero
  • Secretaria  Vivian Morghen
  • Tesorera Graciela Encina
  • Vocal Titular Mabel Gallo  Honorary Member
  • Vocal Titular Nila Clemente
  • Vocal Titular María Susana González
  • Vocal Titular Maria Claudia Albini
  • Vocal Titular Celeste Grimau
  • Vocal Suplente Analia Mariniello
  • Vocal Suplente Ricardo Ramirez
  • Organo Fiscal Titular  Alicia Hughes
  • Organo Fiscal Titular Evangelina Sánchez
  • Organo Fiscal Titular Liliana Santaella
  • Organo Fiscal Suplente Horacio Ferrari

The presentation Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Language Classroom by Luciana Fernández has been selected by ARTESOL executive committee as Best Presentation at the 2015 ARTESOL Convention.  The presentation was nominated for TESOL Best of Affiliates.

Each year eight TESOL affiliates present sessions at TESOL Convention. These sessions are submitted as the best session from over 100 affiliate conferences. TESOL International is responsible for the selection of the eight BEST sessions. These eight BEST will be presented at TESOL 2016 in Baltimore, USA.

Luciana Fernández, “Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Language Classroom”

Luciana Fernánez

Luciana Fernánez

High Quality teaching is that which takes students to the highest levels of thinking.  This presentation aims at exploring the different levels of thinking and how language teachers can plan instruction which fosters learning of a language through the development of thinking, engaging their learners in challenging and motivating activities.


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