Seven affiliates will be presenting sessions at the 2013 TESOL convention. These sessions were submitted as the best sessions from affiliate conferences in 2012.

ARTESOL proudly announces that Ricardo Ramirez’ presentation at 2012 ARTESOL Convention has been selected by TESOL as one of the seven Best of TESOL Affiliate Presentations in 2012.

His presentation Dealing With No Internet Connectivity in the EFL Classroom is scheduled for Thursday, March 21, from 3:00 to 3:45 PM at the Convention Center in Room A304.

Congrats, Ricardo!

ARTESOL Spelling Competition is a national spelling event for nonnative English speaking students under the age of 15 sponsored and organized by Argentina TESOL.

The competition took place on Saturdary, October 19, at Sala III Centro Cultural Borges, Viamonte 500, Buenos Aires.

45 students participated in the competition that resulted in the selection of four winners:

from left to right: 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, 4th place winner, and 3rd place winner

1st Place Winner: Participant 24, Florencia Agostina Ritacco, Colegio Sara Chamberlain de Eccleston, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

2nd Place Winner: participant 6, Andrés Aguirre, Colegio Integral Piacentini, Resistencia, Chaco.

3rd Place Winner: Participant 37, Francisco López Santoro, Colegio Sara Chamberlain de Eccleston, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

4th Place Winner:Participant 36,  Alan Lifa, Instituto Euskal Echea, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Winners and judges

Total number of rounds: 16

Participating Schools:

1- Instituto Euskal Echea, Balvanera, CABA
2- Instituto Militar “Dr. Dámaso Centeno”, CABA
3- Colegio Integral Piacentini, Resistencia, Chaco
4- Instituto Sara Chamberlain de Eccleston, CABA
5- Colegio Cristiano Evangélico Che Il, San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy
6-  Colegio Hans Christian Andersen, Sede Gral. Pacheco, Pcia. de Buenos Aires
7-  Colegio Buenos Aires English High School, CABA



1st Place winner: trophy,  Advanced English Dictionary of American English with CD ROM, 5 Readers Classical Comics with audio CD, courtesy of National Geographic Learning Cengage Learning;  an electronic Spanish-English dictionary,  courtesy of the US Embassy in Argentina; and a Lenovo tablet,  courtesy of Argentina TESOL.

2nd, 3rd & 4th winners: plaque,  Advanced English Dictionary of American English with CD ROM, and 5 Readers Footprint with Multi-ROM, courtesy of National Geographic Learning Cengage Learning.

Winning participating schools: one ELT ADVANTAGE Course for a teacher from each winning school, courtesy of National Geographic Learning Cengage Learning.

Teachers awarded:

Pamela Kuringhian from Colegio Eccleston, ELT ADVANTAGE Course Pursuing Professional Development

Laura Blanco from Colegio Integral Dr. Piacentini, ELT ADVANTAGE Course Pursuing Professional Develpment

Aldana Murtagh from Colegio Eccleston, ELT ADVANTAGE Course Communicative Teaching for the ESL/EFL Classroom

Mónica Pepe from Instituto Euskal Echea

ARTESOL Spelling Bee at US Embassy News

Spelling Bee Team:

Judges: Deputy Cultural Affairs Officer, US Embassy, Mr. Mark Naylor & ARTESOL President: Ms. Graciela Martin

Emcee: ARTESOL Past President, Ms. Mabel Gallo

Pronouncer: ARTESOL Board Member: Ms. Nila Clemente

Score Keepers: ARTESOL Vice President: Ms. Ana María Rocca

ARTESOL Secretary: Ms. Vivian Morghen

Time Keeper: ARTESOL Board Member: Ms. Analía Mariniello

Spelling Bee Collaborators:

Collaborators: Elena Diez, retiree ARTESOL board member,  and Clara Brunetto, 2009 Franklin Global Spell Event Winner

Usher: ARTESOL Board Member: Mr. Ricardo Ramirez

Parents’ registration: ARTESOL Board Member: Ms. Graciela Encina



Spelling Bee Team
from left: Graciela Martin, Ricardo Ramirez, Ana María Rocca, Mabel Gallo, Vivian Morghen, Analía Mariniello, Nila Clemente, Mark Naylor


Call for Participation:  If your school is interested in participating in the next ARTESOL Spelling Competition on October 25, 2014 please contact us at

For further information on school / student eligibility, and contest rules, please check the 2014 Contest Rules.

The challenge of Spelling English