1. How do I enroll and pay?

  2. Please, click on the link below to register. Next, follow the instructions there to make the corresponding deposit or transfer.
    Contact argentinatesol@gmail.com if you need further assistance. Thanks for your interest in ARTESOL 2016.


    See you there.

  3. María Florencia

    I am a first-time presenter. I’ve already submitted my proposal. Who do I have to contact in order to ask for the ARTESOL First-time Presenter award?
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi María Florencia,

    We have received your proposal. The organizing committee will contact you by March 21 to let you know if your proposal has been selected or not.
    Thanks for participating. You should have received a confirmation email from argentinatesol@gmail.com

  5. Eduardo Germán

    What does the amount inside the star in the fees charter mean?

  6. Hello, wanted to know how much I have to pay before April 4th. I’m already registered and I’m a student. Thanks !

  7. Dear Luz,

    The fee for students by April 4 is 300 pesos.

  8. Dear Eduardo,
    Those were promo fees. They were valid thru February 29.
    Best regards

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