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CATESOL is looking for international presenters. Presenters get in FREE. Call for Proposals

Proposals due July 31, 2020 – Extended to August 10
Before starting your proposal, please look over the guidelines and rubric at https://tinyurl.com/catesol2020proposalguide.

We always encourage you to draft your proposal offline or outside of the submission portal to avoid potential loss of content.

Once you are ready to submit your proposal, please go to https://tinyurl.com/catesol2020proposals.

New to presenting online?
Consider proposing a poster session outlining some of the amazing work you and your colleagues have been involved in before and during the COVID transition. This year, poster sessions will be posted on CATESOL’s Padlet page. The poster sessions will have two components:

A Padlet site — Poster session presenters will receive tutorials, guidelines, and one-on-one service help for crafting these sites. These will be available for view throughout the conference and beyond.

Synchronous Q&A during designated times in the conference schedule – In addition to any audio you use in your Padlet session (easy to add!), you can be available “live” for any clarification or extension questions viewers might have.

Some samples:

https://padlet.com/ITAsymposium/Edpuzzle4TESO Presenters get in free.

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