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Upcoming webinars:

María Paz González, Susana B. Tuero & Daiana Vázquez, ¨Cognitive demands of note taking: Effects on comprehension¨. November 28, 2020

Rita Aldorino, ¨Mind and Emotion in the ELT Class: Enhacing Multi-literacy skills¨. December 5, 2020

Past Webinars:

Andrés Villalba, ¨Technology-enhanced creative writing¨. September 26, 2020

Silvia Breiburd, ¨Think generationally to enhance teaching and learning in Covid19 times¨. October 17, 2020

Débora Nacamuli Klebs, ¨Assessment in Covid19 times: turning the crisis into opportunities¨. November 7, 2020

My generation… The youngest generations… Your generation…These expressions are often used to refer to shared perceptions and interpretations of the world that may bring people together or, at times, keep them apart. This webinar will connect generational theory to the online ELT class and reveal some interesting ‘whys’ behind students’ and teachers’ recurrent behavior worldwide. Attendees will be led to recognize their own generational teaching and learning barriers and find result-oriented ways of overcoming them in search of enhanced learning results. Participants’ specific take-away will include student-proven strategies to choose, grade, adapt and design class activities in a generationally-friendly approach to unleash their teaching potential and facilitate online learning.

Silvia BREIBURD is a teacher and researcher with wide experience in primary and secondary teaching and managerial positions. Silvia has authored numerous articles on adjusting teaching to new educational paradigms. An international lecturer and teacher trainer, Silvia advocates generational-friendly sustainable leadership, teacher empowerment through action research and 21st century education.

Registration needed