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This award was established in honor of Mabel Gallo for her unconditional support to ARTESOL (Argentina Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Association. Since 1987, Mabel has been a great contributor to the academic development of the association as well as to TESOL International Association’s growth. The award is open to novice and senior professionals in the area of EFL / ESL.

The recipient of this award will be granted:

-a fee waiver to register for the ARTESOL 2023 Convention.
-a year-round complimentary ARTESOL membership.

-two complimentary passes for the Lunch, Learn, and Connect!


Those who are interested in applying for this award should:

● submit a short statement of interest (250-300 words). You should write just four or five sentences to refer to your academic qualifications in the area of EFL/ESL (undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees). You may also briefly describe your work experience. Notice that most of the statement should focus on your application to the award: state the reasons why you are applying for the award, what makes you a suitable candidate for the award, what you expect to learn by attending different sessions in the Convention, and how your participation in the event will enhance your growth as a teacher/ instructor.

Some recommendations:

● do not over-hype your qualifications and/or your experience;
● state facts;
● avoid using pompous language (particularly adjectives and adverbs)to praise yourself, your interests, your experience, and/or your work;
● comply with the statement’s word limit (250-300 words);
● make sure you submit your application by the deadline established.

The recipient of the Mabel Gallo Award should actively participate in as many activities as possible during the Convention-plenary sessions, highlighted sessions, presentations, and professional meetings.
Within two and three weeks after the Convention ends, the recipient of the award is expected to provide ARTESOL with some feedback. Send us a text in which you let us know which sessions you have attended and your opinion about them. Such feedback will be highly appreciated since your comments will undoubtedly contribute to the organization of future events and so, to the development of ARTESOL association.

The application and the Convention feedback should be sent to argentinatesol@gmail.com by May 31.

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Argentina TESOL applauds those teachers who dare raise their voice to foster the growth of the ELT profession through the First Time Speaker Award. This recognition is open to novice or senior professionals in the area of ESL/ EFL who present a proposal for the first time to share their expertise, their research and/ or their stories of student success.

*Who can apply?

Candidates who are not sponsored by any other organization and who have an accepted proposal for ARTESOL Salta 2023.

*How should you apply?

Interested candidates should complete/ submit the following information by May 31.

The application should include:

-a professional biographical statement written in the third person

-a statement of interest (around 500 words) describing your teaching experience and specifying your motivation to apply for this award, your own learning expectations and how attending the sessions may cater for them. Finally, the way in which your participation in the event will expansively benefit the community of ELT professionals

the commitment to write an article for ArTESOL EFL Journal on the topic of the selected session or the experience itself as an instance of continuous professional development.

This application should be sent to argentinatesol@gmail.com by May 31.

*What does the award consist in?

The recipient of this award will receive:

-a fee waiver to register to the ARTESOL 2023 Convention.

-a year-round complimentary ARTESOL membership.

– two complimentary passes for the Lunch, Learn, and Connect!

-a personalized online coaching session on public speaking and 21st century presentation skills

-a personalized coaching session for writing an article for ARTESOL’s journal

Argentina TESOL welcomes and looks forward to all applications that comply with the above-mentioned requirements.

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Denise Lowery, Regional English Language Officer, is visiting Argentina and Argentina TESOL Board Members: Susana Gonzalez, Elida Rolli and Silvia Breiburd had the pleasure of meeting her and sharing the needs and plans of the association to support and inspire teachers of English in Latin America.

Thanks Noris Zerdá and Giselle Marina Dubinsky from the U.S. Department of State in Argentina for organizing the event.