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English Language Teaching in South America: Policy, Preparation, and Practices

Co-edited by Kamhi-Stein, Díaz Maggioli, & C. de Oliveira

Book coverSouth American countries have a long tradition in EFL teaching and learning. However, it was only with the volume titled English language teaching in South America: Policy, Preparation, and Practices (co-edited by Kamhi-Stein, Díaz Maggioli, & C. de Oliveira) that a comprehensive treatment of the South American context, from the perspective of local professionals, was published. In this presentation, Lía D. Kamhi-Stein describes innovative public policies, teacher preparation practices, and research studies showcased in the volume. Additionally, Lía discusses the changing role that English has played in the region since the early 2000’s, when dissatisfaction with Neoliberal administrations that had ruled South American countries during the Kamhi-Stein1990’s brought to power progressive administrations that veered toward the left. Emphasis will be placed on the Argentine context in relation to neighboring countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Venezuela, where Inner Circle teaching methodologies have been adapted to meet local realities.

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