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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT is the new (and not so new) flavor of the month! Students and teachers alike are talking about and using ChatGPT. While AI can make our lives easier in some respects, there are some concerns in its application in our lives, particularly regarding the impact on teaching and learning. This talk will explore the use of AI for teaching and learning — the potential benefits as well as the concerns.

Cynthia Wiseman is a professor in Academic Literacy & Linguistics at the Borough of Manhattan Community College at City University of New York. She has been an English language teacher and teacher trainer for more than 40 years, working in the US and abroad. She served as a Fulbright Scholar in Vietnam at Pham Van Dong University in Central Vietnam and conducted a study on the use of the communicative approach in ELT in China while working there as a teacher trainer. She earned a doctorate in Applied Linguistics from Teachers College, Columbia University with a concentration on evaluation and assessment. Dr. Wiseman currently serves on the Board of Directors of TESOL International.

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Hello ARTESOL 2023 participant!!

We hope you are excited about this year’s convention. We have a lot of really wonderful and exciting experiences planned for you. One of the events that will take place during the weekend is our Lunch, Learn, and Connect!

Each Lunch, Learn and Connect will include:

Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert and Beverage (Executive Menu) – special menus are available if requested with the registration.

Special surprise guests who will share their best ‘teaching and learning’ recipes (each Lunch, Learn and Connect will include different special guests)

Games, Prizes and Surprises!

Here are the details:

WhereHotel Brizo
WhenFriday, June 9th and Saturday, June 10th for lunch break
Cost$4500 per person per event

Don’t miss this exclusive time of food and fun while we learn together and make new connections with peers from all over Argentina and Latin America.

Menu for Friday, June 9th
4 empanadas (2 salteñas de carne y 2 de queso)
1 cazuela de Humita per person
2 dessert shot ( 1 dulce de cayote y nuez ; 1 banana Split)
1 non-alcoholic beverage

Menu for Saturday, June 10th
4 empanadas (2 salteñas de carne y 2 salteñas de pollo)
1 cazuela de locro criollo
2 dessert shot (1 dulce de cayote y nuez ; 1 banana Split)
1 non-alcoholic beverage

Join us for one day or both! Hurry, spaces are limited!!

Register HERE!