Forty-six contestants participated in the 2015 ARTESOL National Spelling Competition at Centro Cultural Borges on Saturday, October 3.

The Master of Ceremony, Mr. Ricardo Ramirez introduced the members of the jury and read out the contest rules. ARTESOL president, Ms. Graciela Martin welcomed the contestants and thanked ARTESOL Spelling Competition collaborators and supporters. Ms. Linda Talluto, Assisstant Cultural Affairs Officer from the US Embassy,  also welcomed the contestants and congratulated them on their hard work.  The contest started at 9:45 after listening to the National Anthem.

There were a total of 9 rounds.  Sofia Favier Dubois became the champion on round 7. Two more rounds took place to determine the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners.

ARTESOL Spelling Competition 2015 – Winners:


3rd Place winner: Olivia Abances;1st Place winner; Sofia Favier Dubois; 4th Place winner: Julieta Gitter; and 2nd Place winner: Tatiana Freedman

1st Place winner: Participant #37, Sofia Favier Dubois from Escuela Argentina Modelo

2nd Place winner: Participant #5, Tatiana Freedman from Nueva Escuela Argentina 2000

3rd Place winner: Participant #45, Olivia Abances from Escuela Argentina Modelo

4th Place winner: Participant #16, Julieta Gitter from Nueva Escuela Argentina 2000

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ARTESOL Spelling Competition team: Nila Clemente, pronouncer; Grace Martin and Linda Talluto, judges; Ana Maria Rocca and Graciela Encina, score keepers; and Alejandra Cappa, time keeper.


winners and school representatives

winners, school representatives, members of the jury, and emcee, Mr Ricardo Ramírez


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