The ARTESOL Annual Spelling Competition is a national spelling event for nonnative English speaking students under the age of 15 sponsored and organized by Argentina TESOL. ARTESOL organized the first local Spell Event in 2009 sponsored by Franklin Electronic Publishers in association with TESOL International.

ARTESOL Annual Spelling Competition for 2015 will consist of a national event that will be held in Buenos Aires, resulting in the selection of four place winners.

Venue:  Centro Cultural Borges, Sala III, Viamonte 500, Buenos Aires

Date: Saturday, October 3, 2015


1st Place Winner: trophy, and a tablet; courtesy of ARTESOL;  a round trip to Tandil, Pcia. de Buenos Aires, two nights for 4 people, courtesy of Fase2; a dictionary and readers courtesy of Cengage Learning – National Geographic Learning.

2nd Place Winner: plaque; Franklin Electronic Merriam – Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus, courtesy of ARTESOL; a dictionary and readers courtesy of Cengage Learning – National Geographic Learning.

3rd & 4th Place Winners: plaque; Franklin Electronic Merriam – Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus; Merriam – Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary, courtesy of ARTESOL; a dictionary and readers courtesy of Cengage Learning – National Geographic Learning.

1st Place Winning School: a round trip to San Rafael, Mendoza, three nights for 2 people, courtesy of Fase2.

Spelling Bee team:

Master of Ceremonies: ARTESOL Board Member, Mr. Ricardo Ramirez

Pronouncer: ARTESOL Board Member, Ms. Nila Clemente

Judges: US Embassy Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer, Ms. Linda Talluto; ARTESOL President, Ms. Graciela Martin

Score Keepers: ARTESOL Vice President, Ms. Ana María Rocca,  and  ARTESOL Board Member, Ms. Graciela Encina

Time keeper: ARTESOL Board Member, Ms. Alejandra Cappa


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Participating Schools:

Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, CABA

Escuela Argentina Modelo, CABA

Instituto Social Militar “Dr. Damaso Centeno”, CABA

Escuela del CAE, Parana, Entre Rios

Nueva Escuela Argentina 2000, CABA

Colegio Modelo Lomas, Pcia. de Buenos Aires

Escuela Integral Piacentini, Resistencia, Chaco

Colegio Del Carmen, San Rafaela, Mendoza


If your school is interested in participating in the 2015 ARTESOL Spelling Competition, please contact us at ARTESOLSpellingBee@gmail.com

For further information on school / student eligibility, and contest rules, please check the 2015 ARTESOL National Spelling Competition Rules.

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  1. Verónica Legnazzi

    I´d like my school to participate in the Spelling Bee Competition this October but I do not know if we are eligible. Our school is Colegio Modelo Lomas and our students have English lessons, 12 hours a week. ( for three hours a day). Our school is not a dual-language school and we would love to be part of this competition. We are already training our students. Hope we get our chance!

  2. Dear Verónica,
    Thanks for your interest. We will forward your email to the event coordinator. She will contact you soon.
    Warm regards

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