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efljournalBuilding Networks Among Teachers


A refereed national journal of issues in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

Dear Colleagues,

This is a call for articles from ARTESOL EFL Interest Section for 2015 edition of ARTESOLEFL JOURNAL, a refereed journal of issues in Teaching English as a Foreign LanguageARTESOLEFL Journal, Building Networks Among Teachers receives submissions of unpublished manuscripts on any topic related to the area. https://artesol.org.ar/publications/efl-journal

Four categories of manuscripts are evaluated:

  • Contributions. short articles published by prestigious ESP specialists.
  • Research Articles. This is a section devoted to the publication of research articles that will be refereed by three renowned researchers.
  • Pedagogical experiences in ESP. This section includes the description of new experiences (strategies, techniques, course design) within ESP.
  • Reviews. This section includes reviews of books and journals published by Universities, Teacher Training Colleges and other institutions interested in the development of ESP courses or studies.

Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word or RTF document format. Full-length articles should be no more than 5,000 words, excluding appendices. For more details, see the submission guidelines and the sample articles here.

Please note that the deadline for your contributions is September 30, 2015. Your articles should be submitted at artesolefljournal@gmail.com.The editorial board will contact you as soon as your article goes through the different stages of the review process.

We look forward to and do count on your being a part of this edition.

Best regards,

María Susana González

ARTESOLEFL JournalDirector


  1. María Inés Pistorio

    Dear María Susana González,

    I would have liked to present a manuscript to be considered for publication. I have just returned from USA, and did not have the opportunity of writing a submission before.

    Would it be possible for you to extend the deadline for submitting my article?


    María Inés Pistorio

  2. Dear María Inés Pistorio,

    María Susana González will contact you soon.


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