Building Networks among Teachers


A Refereed National Journal of Issues in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

Dear Colleague,

ARTESOL EFL Interest Section would like to invite you to contribute to ARTESOL EFL Journal, a refereed international journal of issues in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. ARTESOL EFL Journal, Building Networks among Teachers, receives submissions of unpublished manuscripts on any topic related to the area. 

Four categories of manuscripts are evaluated: original articles, reflective articles, pedagogical experiences in EFL, and materials and media reviews.

  • Original research articles

This category includes manuscripts that report the results of original research and assess its contribution to the area of EFL.

  • Reflective articles:

These articles show connections between learning and theories through the analysis, observation, description, and evaluation of a specific topic.

  • Pedagogical experiences in EFL

This category refers to the description of new experiences (strategies, techniques, course design) in the EFL area.

  • Materials and media reviews

This section includes reviews of books, journals, and software published by universities, teacher training colleges and other institutions interested in the development of EFL courses or studies.

The deadline for submissions is July 31st, 2019. Your article should be submitted to The editorial board will contact you as soon as your article goes through the different stages of the review process.

For more information, please read the submission guidelines.efljournal

We look forward to and do count on your being part of this edition.

Best regards,tesol_affiliate_vert_rgb

Ana María Rocca

ARTESOL EFL Journal Editor


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