Sound Affiliate Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

By  TexTESOL, NYS TESOL, Yakut TESOL, Korea TESOL and Argentina TESOL

Many dedicated and well-intentioned professionals agree to serve on Affiliate Boards but are not provided training concerning their roles and responsibilities. In some cases, current Board members never received training themselves. Clearly, when a leader does not understand his/her role, it impacts the effective functioning of the Board and the organization/membership suffer. In a worst-case scenario, leaders can be manipulated, and governance can become corrupted. This session invites seasoned leaders from various dynamic global affiliates to share their experiences serving on their affiliate boards. They will discuss a broad range of key responsibilities of organizational leaders, e.g., determining and evaluating the mission and vision, providing financial oversite, ensuring adequate resources, and ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability. They will also discuss the importance of Care, Loyalty, and Collaboration as fundamental values in their service as Board members. The global diversity of the panelists participating in this session will hopefully create a dialogue among TESOL affiliates to support effective leadership systems that realize the mission and goals/objectives of that affiliate. Participants will takeaway ideas and strategies for effective and conscientious leadership to share with affiliates in provide orientations and training for board members in their respective affiliates.

Presenters: Alex Monceaux, Lindsay Herron, Larisa Olesova, Ana MarĂ­a Rocca, Cynthia S Wiseman

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