Auspiciado y aprobado por el Ministerio de Educación de Corrientes,  Resolución N° 1793

Relevo de funciones MInisterio de Educación, Cultura, Ciencia y Tecnología de Chaco. Resolución 3051/16

Declarado de interés por el Ministerio de Turismo de Corrientes. Resolución 365/2016


Empowering ELT for a Globalized World

Escuela Normal ¨Juan Gregorio Pujol, Bolivar 1148, Corrientes, Argentina

May 13-14, 2016


The annual ARTESOL convention offers ELT professionals from Argentina and other countries an opportunity for professional development. ELT educators exchange ideas and best practices, enhance their knowledge of ELT matters, keep up with current trends, expand their networks, engage in research and projects, and learn about other settings

This year’s conference, Empowering ELT for a Globalized World, will provide a space to discuss the multiple ways in which ELT has evolved in the 21st century so as to satisfy both teachers’ and students’ needs while seeking to empower language teaching and learning to achieve intercultural competence and multi- literacies.

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1- Pre Register to ARTESOL 2016 here

2- Payment: please make a deposit or bank transfer, and send the receipt to Find ARTESOL bank account information in point 1 above.

Registration Fees  Online registration closes May 8 –  SOLD OUT


Escuela Normal Juan Gregorio Pujol, Monumento Histórico Nacional







  1. Hello

    I have already pre- registered for Artesol 2016. I have a doubt: The only way of payment is by bank deposit in Bank Macro?
    Isn’t it another way to pay? Credit card, mecado pago……?
    Or is it possible to pay the day of the event having being pre registered?
    Please let me know as soon as possible
    Claudia Rios

  2. Buenos días. Quisiera saber si entregan certificados? Gracias.

  3. Hi, there! I have just send the pre registration form for our group of teachers @ Wings but I forgot to write in the name of a 9th teacher! She wants to kill me now. What can I do? Her name is Silvina Mariel Ramirez. I’ll deposit the fees for all of us, 9 NINE teachers. Will it be OK?
    Thank you and good luck with the organization!

  4. Dear Alicia,

    No worries. Please, send the list again to


    ARTESOL team

  5. Dear Ivana,

    Yes, we do. Looking forward to seeing you at the convention.


  6. Dear Claudia,

    We prefer a bank transfer or deposit to avoid long lines at the convention. Anyways, if you can’t make it, you can pay onsite.
    Please, notice onsite fees are more expensive.


    ARTESOL team

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