Venezuela TESOL (VenTESOL) and the Central American and Caribbean BASIN TESOL Affiliates cordially invite you to the “Overcoming the challenges when teaching content subject matters in elementary and high school” Youtube live session.



Nowadays, it has become troublesome for instructors to teach content classes in L2 settings where students do not know English yet or have a very poor proficiency level. Some teachers have gone for switching to L1 when teaching the content in order for students to learn, in another scenario teachers have focused on teaching English only and not the content. Therefore, this workshop is for teachers who are already teaching – or in the future plan to teach content classes (Math, Science, History, etc.) at bilingual institutions, in elementary or high school. Besides, it will provide teachers with a variety of techniques that will help them teach content competently, adjust the difficulty of tasks to make lessons appropriate for students that are learning content in L2, formulate measurable language and content objectives, create lessons that will promote and maximize students’ language and content learning. Moreover, it will help teachers maintain a balanced teaching of both language and content by facilitating hands-on activities that are supported by the necessary background and theoretical information.

Presenter Bio:

Meindert Montenegro, currently works at UCA University and ACCESS program in Nicaragua, holds a Master in Education, bachelor degree in TEFL, a graduate course in Content Based Instruction and has taken two international certification programs, one of them at Hunter College and the second one in SIT TESOL at Centro Espiral Mana, Costa Rica. He has also been in charge of two MOOC camps, one about Content- Based Instruction and another one about Teaching Grammar Communicatively. Mr. Montenegro has taught English for 13 years and Social Studies for 7 years. He has also been a presenter at The NicaTESOL conference, HELTA Tesol in Honduras, BETA Tesol in Bolivia, EFL Talks, and workshops done in the Caribbean Region of Nicaragua.

Date: May 12th (Sunday)

Time: 9:00 Nicaragua time

16:00 GMT

11:00 Venezuela time

If you need extra help checking your local time, we invite you to visit so you can compare your time with any of the ones offered on the schedule.

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