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Free Seminar for English Language Teachers “ELT update”

organized by the Universidad Nacional de San Martin and sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Argentina

Venue: Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Campus Migueletes (Teatro Tornavías)
Address: Av. 25 de Mayo y Francia, San Martin, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Thursday, October 8

09:15/09:45 Opening ceremony
Proposed remarks by RELO, Embassy officer and university authority

09:45/11:00 Plenary session by Senior English Language Fellow, Susan Strand
Title: “Playing with Words: Vocabulary Activities that Rock!”

Abstract: Participants will examine various strategies for understanding and learning new words. The presenter will guide participants through scaffolded activities which include interpretive dancing, using visuals to foster imagination and interaction, listening and memory games, comprehension challenges, and more! These approaches enrich primary and secondary level classrooms.
11:00/11:15 Coffee break (there is a cafeteria at the campus)

11:15/12:30 Plenary session by English Language Fellow, Kennis Look
Title: Reading between the Lines: Solidifying the Abstract in Reading Strategies”

Abstract: Reading is a thinking process far more complex than the mere decoding of words in print, especially for learners of English. Teachers can explicitly teach strategies that support students’ ability to construct meaning within text. The presenter will demonstrate concrete and relatable activities that require critical thinking in the language classroom so students can become more aware of their own metacognition and apply it strategically when reading in the target language.

12:30/14:00 Lunch break (there is a cafeteria at the campus)

14:00/15:15 Plenary session by English Language Fellow, Jonathan Maiullo
Title: Using Real-Life Stories in the English Classroom

Abstract: In this hands-on workshop, participants consider Eggins and Slade’s Five Components as a tool to introduce real-life stories into the English classroom as a means to boost communicative competence and the four skills. Participants consider the components of an example story and then create their own stories to tell the class in a story chain activity. This class allows teachers to experience the magic of the storytelling classroom so they can apply what they’ve learned to their own classes.

15:15/16:30 Plenary session by English Language Fellow, Mathilde Verillaud
Title: “The Power of Rhythm: Jazz Chants in the Classroom”

Abstract: Participants will learn what jazz chants are and why they are a wonderful tool to teach pronunciation, language structures and vocabulary to English learners of all ages. They will see examples of jazz chants as well as the steps to teach them, with additional jazz chant activities. Participants will ultimately create their own jazz chant.

16:30/17:00 Mega Raffle and closing

Register at the following link:  Bit.ly/ELTupdate

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