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ARTESOL Convention 2011

Instituto Nacional del Profesorado Tecnico

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional

Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 6-7, 2011


Plenary Speakers


Cristina Banfi: Current Trends in the Teaching of English

Monica Gandolfo: What Does “Meaning Must Come First” Mean?

Else Hamayan: Innovations in TESOL and Us: Implications for Professionals

Jennifer Herrin & Martha Ortigueira: What is CLIL? How does it relate to CBI and ESP?

Iliana Martínez: Can Latin American Scholars Publish in International Journals? The Role of EAP Instruction as a Key to Success

Omar Villarreal: Dogmatism, Eclecticism and Pseudo-innovation in ELT Methodology Magic Mirror on the Wall, What’s the Best Method of them all?

Concurrent SessionConcurrent Sessions

Nylia Monté: Why Is It Important To Use Games in Class?

Sabrina Hax Duro Rosa: Teaching English Through the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Graciela Martín, Isabel Freyre, Liliana Palermo: Do it Online! Our E-teaching Experience

Rosana Del Luján Greco: How To Use Epic Songs To Foster Intercultural Competence.

María Soledad Jalon, Paula Mercedes Tejeda: Cultural Nuances in Texas

Lêda Maria Braga Tomitch:Analyzing Vocabulary Activities in EFL Textbooks: Do They Foster Reading Comprehension?

Pablo L. Sosa: Tap into Pronunciation

María Pía Gómez Laich, Paula Carolina Suárez, Susana B. Tuero.: Does Instruction Help Advanced Students Improve Their Argumentative Writing?

Regina Helena Urias Cabreira: The female Condition in Society – a Re-reading of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Rosana Fernández: Neurolearning: the Way To Reach All Your Students´ Brains

Ana Otero, Patricia Insirillo, María Susana González: Reading Comprehension Assessment of University Undergraduates

María Claudia Albini, Ana María Rocca, Edgardo Cianciaroso: Music Text Reading Based on an EAP Reading Processual Model

María Susana González: Processing Difficulties of Paragraphs Where Authoritative Approaches Are Challenged

Susana Tuero, María Gabriela Diaz: Do Illustrations Help or Hinder Reading Comprehension?

Mariana Ferrarelli: Media texts in the classroom: dissecting ideology and stereotypes

María Celeste Grimau: A Festival of Games

Celso Henrique Soufen Tumolo: Developing the various levels of Reading Comprehension: A Challenge for Teachers

Timothy Reagan: Critical Pedagogy in TESOL: Transformative Potentional and Practical Limits

Irene Gracia: Engaging, Empowering Evaluations.

María Susana González, María Claudia Albini, Ana María Rocca: Interrelation of Variables in Academic Reading

Silvia E. Benson, Jorge A. Sánchez: Formulating Questions to Understand Explicit and Implicit Textual Information

Maria Inés Valsecchi, Graciela Placci, Romina Picchio: Academic writing: A Model of a Cross-disciplinary Pedagogical Project

Mady Casco: How To Use “Mind Maps” To Speak Foreign Languages

Fabiana Parano: Telling Tales in L2



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