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The presentation ¨Empowering English Learners with Games and Creative Activities¨ has been selected by ARTESOL affiliate members as Best Presentation at the 2022 ARTESOL Convention.  The presentation was nominated for TESOL Best of Affiliates award.

Each year up to eight TESOL affiliates present sessions at TESOL Convention. These sessions are submitted as the best session from over 100 affiliate conferences. TESOL International is responsible for the selection of the BEST sessions. These eight Best of Affiliates presentations, a mix of in-person and virtual, will be included in the 2023 TESOL International Covention.

Empowering English Learners with Games and Creative Activities

Games are whole language activities that foster the development of the four language skills, cater for the three learning styles and bring energy. Students feel empowered when they are part of games and feel they can take action and make decisions for themselves and their group. In this workshop the presenter will show some examples of games making the audience participate in the activities. Participants will leave the session empowered and full of energy and ideas about how to implement games into their lessons.

Licenciada Celeste Grimau – director of STEPS, international speaker, specialist in games and creativity, story teller, drama student and writer. Author of Vitamin Shock Games. ARTESOL Board member

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