8:30 am- 9:30 am: Registration of Participants

09:45 am: Opening Ceremony:

Welcome by Emcee, Ms. Ana María Rocca, Argentina TESOL Advisory Council Member; TESOL Affiliate Network Professional Council Member

National Anthem

Ms. Mónica Gandolfo, Argentina TESOL Vice President, introduces the event

10:00 am: Emcee reads instructions on how the Spelling Competition is organized. Instructions will be read to the audience and participants both in Spanish and English.

10:15 am: Official 2018 ARTESOL National Spelling Competition word lists are presented to the Pronouncer.

10:30 am: Practice Round –This is for practice purposes only! Remember you may ask the following:

1) Request the definition of the word, 2) Request a sample sentence be read aloud, 3) Ask for an alternate pronunciation.

11:00 amRound 1: This is the official start of 2018 ARTESOL National Spelling Competition and from this point any incorrect spellings will be counted and the student will be disqualified.

The spelling rounds will continue till there are 4 final place finishers. These final four will then continue the contest until the final finishers are determined. 

Presentation of Awards 




Master of Ceremonies: ARTESOL Advisory Council Member;  TESOL Affiliate Network Professional Council Member, Ms. Ana María Rocca

Pronouncer: ARTESOL Board Member, Ms. Liliana Santaella

Judges: ARTESOL Vice President, Ms. Mónica Gandolfo

Score Keepers: Ms. Graciela Martin, ARTESOL Past President; and Ms. Graciela Encina, ARTESOL Treasurer.

Time keeper: ARTESOL Board Member, Ms. Virginia Pereira Suárez

Registration & Assistants: ARTESOL Board Members,  Graciela Encina,  Graciela Martín, Elida Rolli and Liliana Santaella.


Colegio Informático San Juan de Vera, Corrientes.

Colegio Modelo Lomas – Pcia. de Buenos Aires

Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires – CABA

Instituto La Candelaria – CABA

Instituto Social Militar Dr Dámaso Centeno – CABA

ELS – A Multimedia School of English – Lomas del Mirador

Escuela Argentina Modelo – CABA